Olympics Facts


After playing the Olympics Sports or not game online, I realised how little I know about Olympics sports. I mean I got a bronze medal which is pretty awful… So based on my lack of knowledge of what constitutes as an Olympic

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Mod Pizza, Brighton | You had me at Pizza


  I think for me as a blogger, I’ve hit my milestone – being offer the opportunity to review food, I mean it doesn’t get any better than this. I’ve always wanted to be given the opportunity to write about

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Holiday Essentials | Practical Edition


Not that I am going anywhere this year, as I am currently saving for an epic trip next year, BUT when we do have the heat and sun here in the UK, these products are my go too! So here

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Making a Will | Doing adult stuff


Ugh, being an adult. When someone mutters the word Will, I shudder. It’s like pensions, mortgages and all that. That’s when you know you are in a proper adult conversation. I am 27, and soon to be 28 (wah!) and

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Things to think about when buying a car


Buying a car is actually quite scary and quite daunting as its one of the biggest financial things you will purchase in your life. Top of them being a house. I’ve had 3 cars since I was 17, and brought

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PYO Roundstone Farm, Ferring

PYO Roundstone Farm

Two weekends ago, Danny & I stumbled to PYO Roundstone in Ferring, and decided to pick up some fruit and veg. If you have not been here before, PYO stands for Pick Your Own, and you basically wonder around the

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My name is Jess and welcome to my little space on the Internet. My blog is having a little bit of a revamp, so bare with me.
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