What it’s like to work in an office environment?


There are so many prejudices about how dull it is to work in an office environment? And to be honest, it does offend me considering all my life I’ve worked in “office jobs”. Working in an office doesn’t necessarily mean

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I love every kind of cat | mypurrfectgiftbox.com


Calling all crazy cat ladies/men of the world, prepare to hear about a relevantly new service. If you love receiving a parcel with surprise of cat related goodies, then mypurrfectgiftbox.com would be the one for you. Not only do you

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I thought I was an introvert, but apparently I’m an INFJ

cat girlycopyright

You know what, sometimes it is just so nice to spend time on your own and do nothing. I know that after a social event or hanging out with my family, I’ll need to retreat back to my flat and

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Irresistible Me Hair Extensions | Review

irresistible me hair extensions

Hey all, It is a Monday evening as I am sitting here on the sofa to write this and I am also waiting for my pizza to be cooked – who else loves pizza? Any way, further to my first

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#EnrichNotExploit | The Body Shop UK

The Body Shop UK Brighton

Howdy all! About two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending The Body Shop’s 40th birthday party in Brighton, North Street. The Body Shop was one of the first brands I familarised myself with as a child. I remember going

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Stuck in a rut | Blogger’s Block


WARNING *here comes a ramble* I’ve been feeling a bit meh about my blog for sometime, or what I like to call Blogger’s Block (what a mouthful!) I feel like I’ve been trying to make my blog something that doesn’t

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My name is Jess and welcome to my little space on the Internet. My blog is having a little bit of a revamp, so bare with me.
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