Veeda | Girl Talk


Today, we are gonna get down and talk about feminine hygiene products, so step away if you are freaked out by this kinda thing then go read about the time I wrote about cat litter, yes I am an expert

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Father’s Day Gift Guide | Last Minute Presents


Father’s Day is close around the corner, this Sunday to be precise and it is time to start panicking. Well I know for me it is! Not sure if this is the same with your dad but each year he

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Random Acts of Kindness


Today, it’s time for another personal post. I’m taking part in the Random Acts of Kindness Campaign where I get to write about who that I know deserves a bunch of flowers and say lots of nice things about them. Out of

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Live life as a Disney Princess


Not sure about you, but I do love to day dream about winning the lottery and how I would spend my monies. I literally to go into such specific details that I have everything planned out in my head. I’m

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What it’s like to work in an office environment?


There are so many prejudices about how dull it is to work in an office environment? And to be honest, it does offend me considering all my life I’ve worked in “office jobs”. Working in an office doesn’t necessarily mean

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I love every kind of cat |


Calling all crazy cat ladies/men of the world, prepare to hear about a relevantly new service. If you love receiving a parcel with surprise of cat related goodies, then would be the one for you. Not only do you

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